Coronavirus Update 17/03/2020

Coronavirus Image.jpg

The Coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part for the safety of the community. We ask that you take this threat seriously and listen to the advice given to you by health professionals.

Medicare has temporarily given GP’s the ability to consult at risk patients via video and telephone consultations in order to reduce their overall exposure. The following people are eligible for these consultations free of charge;

  • people who have a COVID-19 diagnosis but are not in hospital
  • people who have been advised to self-isolate
  • people who are at least 70 years old
  • people who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and are at least 50 years old
  • women who are pregnant
  • parents of children under 12 months old
  • people with chronic health conditions that place them at risk
  • people who are immuno-suppressed

These appointments are for standard consultations only and do NOT have to relate to COVID-19, however please bear in mind that a phone/video call is not suitable for every type of consultation.

In order to protect our staff we are not seeing patients with ANY suspect symptoms at this point in time, if you do not fit into the above categories we can offer a privately billed telephone consultation.

Our medical centre is doing our best to continue to service the community during this trying time, we request that you respect our rules and be truthful when we ask screening questions. We need to protect you, our other patients and our staff members. Under current guidelines, the practice will need to close for 2 weeks if a staff member tests positive for COVID-19 leaving thousands of our patients without easy access to a GP.

Wash your hands regularly, minimise physical contact with others, and practice social-distancing. We can get through this if we all do our bit.

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